About Us

The Pigfather is a family run business passionate about promoting therapeutic and positive relationships between people and animals. With decades of professional experience of working with a wide variety of animals as well as people in caring settings, we strive to inspire mutual kindness, understanding and respect through offering a number of mini pig visiting services which are tailored to specific needs and events.

Our personal experience with children with profound learning difficulties, mental health issues, severe epilepsies and autism as well as many years of working with ill and vulnerable patients and animals and seeing therapeutic effects of human-animal relationships is what inspired us to start The Pigfather. We wanted to share the love of these amazing, sensitive and intelligent animals with other people.

Read our Story: https://www.thepigfather.co.uk/piggy-pet-story

We are the First company in the UK to have our mini pigs enrolled onto a Mini Pig Therapy Pet Certification Programme accredited by the AMPA!

mini pigs on lavender field

Meet Our Team

Mikey the micro pig Michael Corleone

My name is Michael Corleone, but they call me “Mikey” for short. Although I do not come from Sicily I love my healthy Mediterranean diet and the sun on my back, whenever we get it in this rainy country of ours.
I love nothing more than cuddles and belly scratches and, of course, my tasty treats. I love making people feel happy and if you contact my daddy, I will personally make sure he makes you an offer you cannot refuse!
Together with the rest of the mafia pigs, I will be frequently featuring on social media, so you can always follow what I get up to on all my adventures; have a happy browsing!
Sunny Corleone

I am Sunny Corleone! I am the cheekiest member of the Corleone family. They call me "Bossy Boots" for a reason - I boss all the other pigs around, especially at meal times, because I like all the food to myself!

But, there is a softer touch to me too - when my belly is full, I become the cuddliest pig around! You can find that out for yourself when you book me for your next event!
Sunny the mini pig
Connie the mini pig
Connie Corleone

Hello, my name is Connie Corleone! I am a very gentle piggy and I love my two brothers, Mikey and Sunny, who keep me company and give me protection.

I love to chase Sunny when he is munching on his favourite treats which gives him a much-needed exercise! I am the luckiest girl in the family as all the boys simply adore me, especially Mr Rumfield!
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Mr Rumfield

I am Mr Rumfield, or “Chubby” for short, the Great Swiss Mountain Dog. In my spare time I love to chase foxes, but when I am working my duties include making sure that I eat first and to keep an eye on those naughty little piglets, Mikey, Sunny and Connie, which I have mastered by having eyes at the back of my head. Above all, I love Friday nights when I sit with my daddy by the couch and we share a delicious kebab! Yum, Yum! Can’t wait for the weekend.

They call me “The Boss” or the “Pig Father”! With experience of running a business I am the Mastermind of all operations within The Pigfather, particularly taking care of Marketing and Finances. If you contact me, I can make you an offer you cannot refuse!
micro pig experience london Natasha

Growing up I was always surrounded by the love of my pets and from a very young age I already knew that I wanted to work with animals. Together with Maria I trained for 3 years at Bicton College of Agriculture and was awarded two BTEC Diplomas, in Small Animal Care and in Farm and Exotic Animal Care on Distinction. I had life changing experiences working on a variety of farms (commercial outdoor pig rearing farm, Great Potheridge farm, lambing and fostering lambs, and a dairy farm), Wood Green Animal Shelters, West Midlands Safari Park and Cotsworld Wildlife Park, London Zoo Reptile House, kennels and catteries across the country as well as the RSPCA Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre and the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

I then decided to study further and trained for 2 years at Berkshire College of Agriculture and became a RCVS certified Veterinary Nurse. However, due to the changes in my personal circumstances, after 10 years of working in several veterinary clinics and hospitals across the country caring for domestic and wild animals, I left Veterinary Nursing and enrolled onto DipHE Adult Nursing at Kingston University working part-time as an agency Health Care Assistant in nursing and elderly homes, hospitals, hospices and homes for people with learning difficulties.

Having re-trained as an Adult Nurse, I initially worked in the community looking after house bound patients, and later became a Practice Nurse-Sister, managing patients with various health problems. I completed a Diploma in Diabetes Management in Primary Care and received a number of Certificates in Child Immunisations, Asthma and COPD Management, Travel Health and Women’s Health. Seeing a lot of distress on a daily basis, I realised that it was simple things in life that made a big difference to how people felt. Kind words, holding someone’s hand and spending a few minutes listening to them, was a better medicine than drugs for many people and this is what made me truly happy. I was also interested in Complimentary Therapies and gained a Certificate in Homeopathy in Primary Care at London Homeopathic Hospital and used this knowledge to help my patients.

My children were born a few years later and I decided to take a break from my career, instead focusing on looking after my family and our pets. I have always loved learning and during this time I continued to study, concentrating on the environment and nature. I successfully completed several RHS Certificates in horticulture, planning and construction and garden design at levels 2 and 3 (Merrist Wood College, Kingston College and ADL college) and in 2017 I graduated from Writtle University College with a Master’s Degree in Horticulture (Crop Production) with a Merit.

These studies enabled me to understand that there is an important relationship between the environment and the health of both people and animals. Respect of natural resources and of animals can bring great benefits to the society and health of our nation as a whole with sustainable management of ecosystems of land being paramount for the health of both crops and livestock……

But most importantly, I realised that I wanted to go back to work alongside animals again and bring happiness and joy to all those in need of love and laughter and I sincerely hope that my life experiences and qualifications can enhance this journey.

Most importantly I am a mum to a very special girl with severe epilepsy syndrome and profound learning difficulties and a son with a great passion and love for animals. They have taken me on a journey of discovery that animals can give us immense joy, meaning and purpose in life despite its challenges. And they can be the key to health despite our genetic blueprint for disease.

My background is coloured with animals and studies about them and their health and illness. I graduated from Bicton College of Agriculture and hold 3 year full time 2 BTEC National Diplomas in Animal Care and Husbandry and Bee keeping with Distinction (Zoo, Farm, Domestic, Wildlife and Rehabilitation, Rescue and Shelter and Pet shop animals). I trained with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and Berkshire College of Agriculture for 2 years and hold a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing with a 10 year small and wild animal experience. The places I worked at include: Small animal veterinary centres, Wood Green Animal Shelters, Great Potheridge Farm with full lambing and fostering responsibilities, Cotswold Wildlife Park (exotic animals), equine veterinary clinic (horses), West Midlands Safari Park (wild animal reserves and reptiles including venomous), RSPCA Animal Hospitals (Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre (wild animals and stray cat unit), Cornish Sea Sanctuary (rescue, care and rehabilitation), Outdoor pig rearing unit (piglet husbandry and management) and London Zoo Reptile House.

I then went on to study human diseases and trained to be an Adult Nurse at Kingston University (DipHE Nursing) UK and worked in many hospitals and community caring for very ill people, including a Brain injury and rehabilitation hospital, Neuromedicine ward, community mental health units and secure learning difficulties hospitals, cardiac and catheter laboratory theatres and kidney (peritoneal and haemo) dialysis units, eye surgery (ophthalmology ward) department and Intensive Care, Ventilation Unit and A&E. I also worked at residential and nursing homes caring for people affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s.
The life journey took my interest to Naturopathy (Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic herbs) and Nutritional Therapy and I obtained Naturopathy and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy Diplomas. I became interested in the Functional Medicine approach to health and illness and went on to study one year Master’s degree level in Personalised Nutrition based on Functional medicine approach (healthcare, research, nutrition and longevity) and graduated at Middlesex University.

My search for health took me on another journey of discovering how our genetic information can be affected by our environment and nutrients. I completed courses in Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics and hold Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics Certificate and successfully passed the Nutrigenomics Test with British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Environmental Medicine) of which I am a full member and continue to update my knowledge on the latest news in this area.
And this is where I understood how important our relationship with animals is! The positive interaction we have with pets, even if it is non-verbal, has a very beneficial effect on our health and even the health of our generation!

This is why I decided to go back and work with animals to allow other people to experience this magical “healing” potential for themselves and their children.

I have become a member of the Dogs for Good charity and have completed a series of Family Dog Service Workshops and hold a Certificate on training dogs for children with Autism and feel passionate about Pets as Therapy. My family are also borrowing dogs through Borrow My Doggy organisation, a delightful Border terrier and two loyal German Shepherds. We also share our home with two pet budgies who are “therapy” to all! There will be more coming soon!