Can Miniature Pigs be Good Therapy Pets?

All pigs, including traditional breeds as well as miniature pigs are very intelligent animals. They have been found to be among the most intelligent animals after humans, chimpanzees and dolphins, and some have ranked them smarter than dogs and cats. When correctly bred, raised and trained, pigs can make lovely pets.

What About Pigs as Therapy Pets?

Because of their intelligence, pigs can be trained to obey commands and learn new tricks quite easily, it’s all about perseverance and patience. The animals are also sensitive and quickly learn what is expected of them, at the same time being robust enough for children with special needs. Research as well as unpublished case reports have shown that positive interactions with a non-judgmental friendly animal can bring enormous psychological and physical health benefits.

Americans have harnessed the pig’s intelligence and this ability and are leading the way in training mini pigs to become suitable as Therapy pigs.American Mini Pig Association run the Mini Pig Therapy Pet Certification Program and The Pigfather has become the first company in the UK toenroll our miniature pigs onto this amazing training program.

Our mini pigs Mikey, Sunny and Connie are currently in training and can attend a variety of settings including residential and nursing homes, children’s centers, hospices or they can be hired privately for a disabled person in their own home.