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Our Miniature Piglets can be rented for Mobile Animal Parties in London and Wimbledon for those very special Animal Encounters! On 1st July 2018 Mikey and Sunny, our two Certified Therapy Mini Pigs, were hired for a Child’s Birthday Party in South West London.

Mikey and Sunny walked into the birthday girl’s home garden and settled in their enclosure munching on a few healthy snacks. In the meantime, Shaun and Natasha greeted all the children and gave them an Educational talk about Miniature Pigs.


Micro Pig or Mini Pig Animal Party?

The children were amazed to see small pigs, something which a lot of them have never seen. There were a lot of questions and answers and the children learned a lot of interesting facts about miniature pigs. The birthday girl asked if “Micro Pigs” were different from “Mini Pigs” and we explained that, essentially, these names mean the same thing. In the UK, a term “Micro Pig” is more often used, whereas in the USA a “Mini Pig” is preferred when referring to Miniature Pigs. At The Pigfather we also prefer to call our pigs “Mini Pigs” because we believe that this describes these animals more correctly. Although  they may be “micro” when they are born, they certainly do not stay this size. So, a “Mini Pig” is a more appropriate term in our opinion.


A Birthday Party Mobile Pig Encounter with Mikey and Sunny


After the talk, all the girls had an opportunity to get up close and personal with Mikey and Sunny inside their pen, petting, stroking, brushing, feeding them and observing their behaviour. There were a lot of questions being asked, which we were more than happy to answer.

Having had a brief time for a snack, the girls took the piglets for a little walk around the garden which was so much fun! It was really wonderful to see piglets in harnesses running around the garden! Mikey and Sunny were a star attraction at this party and brought so many smiles on children’s and their parents’ faces! The children were also able to watch the piglets perform a few commands and tricks, which they have learned as part of their Mini Pig Therapy Pet Training program, which they have now completed! Many people know that pigs are intelligent animals but have never seen this in practice. We have created a page called Are Pigs Intelligent Animals with videos to show what our Mini Pigs can do! We hope you enjoy it!

Hiring our Mini Pigs for Animal Parties and Mobile Animal Encounters in London and Wimbledon will bring a lot of excitement, fun and real interaction with these wonderful animals, promoting education and inspiring love and respect towards them. Why not get in touch with us to see how we could help?

For Your Pig Parties and Mobile Pig Encounters in London and surrounding areas, please, get in touch with us. We are always happy to help!