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Micro Pigs Hire for Parties and Events in London and surrounding areas

Hire our Micro Pigs for Parties and Events in London and surrounding areas! Micro Pigs, or Miniature Pigs, as we like to call them, are very cute and inteligent animals. As a result, they attract a lot of attenton wherever they go.  We can, therefore, break the mould by offering you something different from the standard parties/events. Hire a pig for Children’s parties, weddings and engagement parties, Christmas parties or anniversaries – these are just some of the events that can have a surprise visit from our mini pigs. Experience mini pigs up close and personal!

During our visit, we can give a short age-appropriate educational presentation about mini pigs including interesting facts and myths about them. Plenty of petting, brushing and watching our friendly mini pigs eat and perform certain skills which they have learned as part of their Therapy Pet Pig Training, will become a highlight of your event. Walking the pigs on harnesses and leads just adds to the excitement!

We can also arrange some piglet racing!

A laminated Mini Pig Fact File, as well as a Certificate of The Pigfather’s Visit, will also be given for you to keep. Questions and Answers session can conclude the event!

If you are looking for hiring our micro pigs for longer than a few hours, why not consider our “Borrow My Piggy Service”? A Brand New Exciting Cost Effective Option of spending hours with our miniature pigs!

Both adults and children can have a great time with our mini pigs!

You may also be interested to know that we take our Micro Pig Welfare very seriously and have produced Micro Pig Health and Welfare Policy accessible on our page here

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Micro Pigs for Parties – a Very Special Treat

Our micro piggies are very experienced party goers and have been hired for many Private Parties and Events, both children’s and adults’; fairs, festivals and shows as well as for taking part in commercial shootings and PR campaigns! Please, visit our Social Media pages to learn more about how our miniature pigs can help bring more excitement to your party!

We provide healthy and friendly animals for hire to the events ensuring we comply with all the relevant regulations with regards to the Welfare, Movement and Showing of pigs in the UK. In addition, we are fully insured with Public Liability and are registered for DBS (CRB) Certificates for your peace of mind. We provide Risk Assessments upon completion of the booking.

In addition, we can provide mini pigs of different ages, sizes, colours and personalities, from little piglets to older piglets and adults. We believe that every pig can bring something special to the event; from unforgettable cuddles with the cute little piglets to precious moments with our stable, more mature, friendly and well trained older piglets; there is a place for every piggy to shine and bring joy to your event!

We train each and every piglet to enjoy being cuddled and picked up as part of their daily socialization and training. However, please, be advised that it may not be possible to hold a piglet on the day of your visit as piglets, just like children, may not want to be picked up at certain times. Respecting their wishes and their welfare is of outmost importance to us. We work with out animals and when this is possible it is our joy to share with you this extra special bond that we have built with our piggies.


Micro or Mini Pigs – is There a Difference?

We often get asked about micro pigs, teacup pigs, micro mini pigs or nano pigs! The truth is, when miniature pigs are born they are tiny and can be referred to micro mini or micro pigs. But, eventually, they all grow up, like any other animal. The difference between mini pigs and farm pigs is their ultimate size in adulthood. Traditional farm pigs are at least four times larger and heavier than our miniature pigs when fully grown. This is the main difference between farm pigs and mini pigs. For more interesting information on this, please, read our Blog Myths About Miniature Pigs.

If you are after a party with a DIFFERENCE, why not rent our pigs for the day! Get in touch with us via the Booking Form below – we will be happy to help.

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micro pig uk
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“Thank you so much for coming last Sunday and making (my daughter’s) party so special. You have a lovely and calming way with children and Sunny and Mikey had the same effect. (She) absolutely loved her big day. Thank you so much!” 

Child's Birthday Party, Dani

via email, 5th July 2018

Such beautiful piggies, and so wonderfully looked after. From booking to them arriving – everything was effortless. Everyone loved our extra guests, and they were so friendly and amazing with my 1-year old son that kept hugging them.

Charlotte Fish

Google Review, May 2019

“We absolutely loved our home visit from Mikey and Sunny – a whole hour to get to know these intelligent, entertaining, gentle animals and a memorable way to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. We helped feed the pigs and walked them around the garden, chatting all the while with Natasha who is warm, friendly and full of information. I’d thoroughly recommend a visit from the Pigfather” 

Google Review, December 2018

If you are thinking of booking multiple visits, please, enquire and we can make you an offer you cannot refuse!

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