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Mini Pigs for Schools, Nurseries & Childminder Facilities In London

We provide a unique opportunity for children to experience a close encounter with our mini pigs. Many city children grow up never visiting a farm or seeing a farm animal. Close interactions with animals can bring enormous benefits to children and can nurture kindness and respect for all creatures, great and small. Nurturing that respect towards farm animals can also inspire them as adults to make more informed food choices in addition to the realisation that farm animals are not just bred for food but can also become great pets.

Our fun and educational visits are a valuable Enrichment Opportunity to a school’s Cornerstones Curriculum across Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 as well as complement the science subject of the Curriculum. Our mini pig interactions can also be used as a tool to enhance children’s Emotional Intelligence, a relatively recent focus in schools. Furthermore, we could be incorporated into assemblies, school fares, fundraising events or coffee mornings to enhance the event and increase attendance.

At pre-schools, nurseries or childminder facilities, children can enjoy a visit from a real “Peppa pig” and “George” with plenty of petting and cuddling.
micro pigs for schools
The visit can form part of the EYFS Knowledge and Understanding where children can learn interesting facts about animals through an invaluable practical experience. The created excitement can spread the word about this unusual children’s experience and could further promote your facility to prospective parents, especially if you employ the services of a local paper or press.

We can modify our educational talk and its duration according to the age group and pitch at just the right level for the children to understand. We base this educational activity on the Key Curriculum Elements such as Understanding the World, Religious Education, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Maths, Expressive Art and Design and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. Before the visit we can provide a Template of the Topics that we can discuss with the children covering all of these educational elements.

In addition, you will receive an A4 laminated Miniature Pig Fact File, as well as The Pigfather's Certificate of our visit, for you to keep.

We are very proud to be the first company in the UK to have our mini pigs enrolled onto a Mini Pig Therapy Pet Certification Programme accredited by the AMPA!

"My kids LOVED meeting the pigs it’s such an amazing experience for them can’t wait to see them again" (Efrat E. Facebook page Review, 14th May 2018)

"Lovely piglets, lots of fun, great hospitality from wonderful Natalie" (Avi H. Facebook page Review, 20th June 2018)
mini pigs uk If you would like us to come to your school or nursery, please, fill in the booking form below and we will respond shortly.

We are fully insured with Public Liability Insurance and comply with all regulations in relation to the Movement, Transport and Welfare of Pigs. In addition, we hold DBS (CRB) Certificates.

Our animals are health checked daily and have been trained according to the Standards of American Mini Pig Association Pet Therapy Scheme.

If you are thinking of booking multiple visits, please, enquire and we can make you an offer you cannot refuse!

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