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Mini Pigs for Therapeutic Interactions In London

This is an area we are most passionate about. Our personal experience with children with profound learning difficulties, mental health issues, severe epilepsies and autism as well as many years of working with ill and vulnerable patients and animals and seeing therapeutic effects of human-animal relationships is what inspired us to start The Pigfather in the first place.

Our mini pigs can visit specialist schools and nurseries, respite centres, hospitals, hospices and homes for the elderly as well as charitable organisations for children with short lives. Equally, we can provide private one to one sessions to vulnerable individuals.

In addition, we can appear at universities/colleges to help students relax and de-stress in-between their exams. Some universities have already used mini pigs in this capacity which promoted a lot of buzz on the campus and helped students relax in-between the exams.

We are the first company in the UK to have our mini pigs enrolled onto a Mini Pig Therapy Pet Certification Programme accredited by the AMPA!
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Research has shown that positive interactions with animals can promote a number of health and emotional benefits in people including increased confidence and concentration in children, especially those with special needs such as autism, improved social and emotional skills, can encourage empathy as well as lower blood pressure and reduce the risks of associated diseases. Positive animal encounters have been found to also reduce stress and this can be used as a stress reduction tool in a workplace or an educational establishment. Relationships with animals have even been found to beneficially affect children’s microbiomes for life, which in itself has an enormous influence on children’s future health and wellbeing.

In our personal experience children with anxieties, mood difficulties and those going through family difficulties are incredibly responsive to an interaction with pets and form amazing bonds with a gentle and non-judgemental pet animal. For children with profound learning difficulties and severe epilepsy, one of few joys in life is often spending time cuddling and watching their animal friends. The parents and carers also benefit from the love and happiness that animals bring and often say that the pet is their therapy too!
A child with learning difficulties enjoying therapy from our mini pigs We know it can be difficult to find financial support for specialist services for children with life threatening conditions and illnesses with or without special educational needs and disabilities. Please, do get in touch with us and we can point you in the right direction.

We are happy to provide either a one to one therapy session with our mini pigs or a group session for children/adults with special needs. Our piggies are friendly and are used to a lot of attention, and will arrive clean and healthy.

Our visits are very flexible. We can provide a short educational talk appropriate to the situation and needs of the client. This is usually followed by petting, brushing, stroking and feeding the pigs. More able children/adults can also walk the piggies on a lead and harness in a safe enclosed area. This always brings a lot of joy and excitement! Belly rubs usually follow shortly after feeding!

We comply with all regulations concerning the keeping, moving and welfare of pigs in addition to holding DBS (CRB) certificates. We have Public Liability Insurance; Risk Assessments are emailed on confirmation of the booking.

If your loved one could benefit from this amazing Pig Therapy Experience, please, fill in the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

If you are thinking of booking multiple visits, please, enquire and we can make you an offer you cannot refuse!

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